Recently back into Fiber Arts!

I haven't posted a new blog in a long time!  Oops!  

Well, I recently splurged and bought myself a few knitting machines.  I have wanted to try them out for awhile now.  I have crocheted for years and years but the circular knitting looms had been something I wanted to learn.  

I got my first machine a few months ago.  The learning curve has been.... frustrating.  I'm finally feeling more adept and comfortable with it and have since purchased two other sizes.  I'm learning how to make hats, scarves, plushies, ear warmers and more.  I fell into the stuffed chicken craze, and they are so fun!  

I'm working on getting lots and lots of my newer stuff up onto the store.  I have done 4 craft fairs this fall/winter, and now that they are done I can update the online inventory.  

I made lots of ornaments for the holiday season, as well as some holiday themed earrings.  I also have some more resin earrings to add to the shop.  I am a lover of fanny packs and wear one every day at my job at an elementary school, so I thought it was appropriate to add some to my boutique.  

If you are here reading this, I thank you for visiting my site.  I hope to be a little more active here this coming year, because I always have lots of new creative ideas brewing in this head of mine!

Thanks for stopping by, and sending you many well wishes for 2024!

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