HOT hot seed bead earrings!!

Ok, I know it's late, but I wore these amazing yellow seed bead earrings today!  I knew I wanted to keep a pair for myself but wasn't sure what I had for clothes to match.... then, without even planning it, I put this shirt on this morning and realized they would match!
yellow seed bead earrings
Psst.... I have more that were just uploaded to the Virtual Shop.... so be sure to snag a pair for yourself while you can!
I'm pretty exhausted - this week was school vacation week, and I am leaving for the all expenses paid Paparazzi Leadership Summit early Monday morning (Palm Springs, CA, here I come for some pampering, training and fun!) so I've been prepping all week.  I got up before 5am today to get some work done before the kiddos woke up and now I'm crashing.....
Enjoy your weekend, friends and I'll talk to you soon!! 


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