Hi there!

Well, hello!

Welcome to my first blog post on my new website!!  I'm so excited to get this site set up.  I'm loading in my products, and it's a little slow going because my inventory is quite large, but I'm getting a couple hundred up per week.  So make sure you keep checking back to see all the Fabulous Bling!

This post is going to be my first "What Am I Wearing" post.  :)  I'd like to post here showing you what jewelry I'm wearing.  I'm a work at home mom and I'll be honest, most days are spent in tshirts, sweats, leggings, that kind of thing.  But I can promise you, I am almost always wearing a pair of Paparazzi earrings!  Earrings are my weakness.  

Today, I have on one of my favorite pairs - the Tree of Life!  The little turquoise stones match my fabulous tie-dyed tshirt today, ha!


What Am I Wearing Today

What jewelry do you have on today?  What is your jewelry weakness?  :)

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