Welcome to the Team!


I am so excited that you joined the team! I want you to be successful so I have put some info here to help you begin the process. 


Compensation checks are deposited or mailed out to you the 20th of the following month. The amounts are posted to the back office on the 10th of each month. For example, my September commission will be posted on October 10th - and mailed/deposited October 20th! Commission checks are any downline commission you have coming AND any online sales you have earned!

For my business cards I used www.vistaprint.com. It was pretty simple; I used one of their templates and then uploaded the paparazzi image and added my info. Watch their website for specials, a lot of times you can get 500 for free and just pay shipping! Hand them out to everyone! Keep some in your purse and car! I also put one in every sales bag.


Tips to Get Started:

1. If you have a smart phone, get a credit card reader. The ones I have heard of are Intuit, Square, and Paypal. I personally use paypal and love it! The money is deposited in my paypal account immediately and I have a debit card from them where I earn 1% cash back on purchases! The card reader is FREE and they have a really low payment for charges.


3. Set up your launch party/open house. I actually recommend doing 2 of these-one on a weekend and one on a weekday! What’s great about Paparazzi is that there are no sales pitches! You don’t have to set up and tell a story or give a presentation. I like to do my parties like open houses. Let people know they can come anytime between a certain timeframe. A 2-4 hour time block is usually sufficient. They can come, look at the pieces, and bring home their purchases the same day! Let everyone know that you are selling and invite them to come take a look!

4. Make a facebook business page. Facebook is one of the best resources out there and a great way to promote. Invite ALL your friends to like it and it will grow! If you are unsure how to do this let me know and I can walk you through it! I also have put instructions in the files tab on my team page!

5. Start a FB Shopping group - this is where you will showcase your on-hand inventory for your customers to comment SOLD on!

6. Set up a Paypal Business account if you don’t already have one (or Square, or another type of payment processing company - I use PayPal, so that’s what I’m familiar with).  With Paypal, request your free card reader and your Debit Card right away so you can get them as soon as possible.

7. GO LIVE on Facebook!  Tell people about the jewelry and show it off!  :)


Need to Know:

Once you have received your inventory, please go through it in the first day or 2. Take the staples off of the bag before taking the jewelry out. Inspect each piece carefully and see if anything needs to be tightened. If anything is broken you have 3 business days to call corporate at 855-697-2727.  They have superb customer service!

If you choose to do events-some will require your tax ID number - DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! - Call corporate at 855-697-2727 and they will get you the number!

Paparazzi does NOT allow us to sell on Craigslist or Ebay or any website, app or FB group/page that you do not own.

You can NOT advertise for more than $5.00 plus tax. Some do choose to sell at $5.50 because they don’t want to deal with pennies and such but you can't advertise that price. All your signs must say $5.00. Also, if you do choose to do the $5.50 you will need to get your own state tax ID number, when we buy the jewelry we pay our state sales tax on the retail of $5.00. If you charge more you will need to report that. If you just do the $5.00 plus tax your state taxes are taken care of by paparazzi so it's just your income taxes you are responsible for at the end of the year.

Keep ALL receipts! Pretty much everything is a write off! Keep track of all your mileage to and from events, parties, picking up materials, etc. You are allowed to claim all of that! Talk to your tax professional for advice.

Your “Back Office” (where we buy jewelry and our statistics) can be found at www.paparazziaccessories.com – in the upper right hand corner there is a log in button. Click on that and enter your consultant ID # and password.  This is where you will purchase your inventory, and you can access your Back office with the menu on the right hand side.

Paparazzi does provide us with our own website. It is completely FREE! It’s www.paparazziaccessories.com/YOUR ID NUMBER . If you want it to say your name instead of ID number, you can call corporate and ask them to change it for you. Make sure this is on your business cards and also advertise it a lot. Customers can order off of this site OR join your team off of this site!!

Paparazzi requires us to give the hostess of parties 10% of sales. It’s is up to you if you want to do more! With the exception of the starter kits paparazzi will also send YOU one free piece for every 10 you buy to help compensate for these!

Don’t forget to use your resources -

Facebook - Our team pages are LOADED with informative files, videos, pretty much everything you need!  Plus, people are there to offer support and answer questions any time of day or night!

YouTube - there are TONS of displays and how to make them for cheap!

ME!! Call me anytime (within reason!) 603-973-4126. I also do text messages!

Email - paparazzijaie@gmail.com and of course facebook!

Feel free to get inspiration from my facebook business page as well.  www.facebook.com/PaparazziAccessoriesByJaie

I am sure there are things I am forgetting to tell you so please utilize me and all your other resources! NO question is a stupid question! I am here to help!!! I look forward to working with you!

Once again, WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!!!!!! I am so glad to help you on this new journey - get started now!!

My sponsor, Angela, has also implemented a Text Alert for her team!!!  To be the first to hear about new releases and important contests/updates,

***Text 'angelasangels' to 662-200-4303 or visit https://mobile-text-alerts.com/angelasangels*** 

As always data and message rates may apply! Please check with your provider!


Jaie Eibert

Consultant ID # 26912



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