Using Paypal to print a shipping label

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Can I get an AMEN to everyone who LOATHES standing in line at the Post Office! As you’re getting started, Here is how you can print your own postage at home without paying for a account. Backstory you can print postage for ‘free’ thru PayPal & Ebay - all other sites require a fee or membership

1. Cut a hole in the box…just kidding 🙂
2. Log into your paypal (you will need some money in the account to pay your postage).
3. Go helps to be logged in first).
4. Input the customer address.
5. Select USPS from the top dropdown
6. Select First Class Mail (unless you need faster) & select type of package - I do the thick package option since most of mine are bubble mailers.
7. Weigh your item - I use a scale I’ve gotten at Walmart ($17)
8. Calculate, print, & stick to package - You can print on paper & use packing tape OR you can buy sticky labels

It can cost you from $2.66-$4.66. Make sure to SAVE the URL in your favorites! Also, if you try to cheat the system and put less weight than it really is, you probably will get caught & they will put a hold on your account until you pay the difference.

I use pink bubble mailers, but theres TONS of other sizes & options- You can also save your bubble wrap from your packages & reuse it for customer orders with a non-bubble envelope! Sams has really cheap envelopes 25 6x9 for $4.98

Hope this helps 


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