I just signed up, now what?

I just signed up, now what?

First – CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are super excited to have you on the team!

Here are some things you can do while you’re waiting for your kit to arrive:

      1. Set up a PayPal Business account. The account is free and you’ll only get charged a little bit for each invoice you send.
      2. After you get a PayPal account, you’ll want to request a PayPal Debit card. Paparazzi doesn’t take PayPal, but they DO accept PayPal Debit cards. This means that you can invoice your customers and pay for your stock all from PayPal. And BONUS – the PayPal Debit card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase!
      3. If you are going to do vendor events, you’ll also want to get a PayPal card reader.
      4. In order to get your pretties out to your customers, you’ll want to get bubble mailers, some people do pink, others do purple, it is completely up to you what color (if you want a color) to do.
      5. You’ll also want to get tissue paper and or jewelry bags – the tissue paper can be found on Amazon, ebay, or a dollar store. The jewelry bags are $1.00 -$2.00 per 100 at Walmart (in the craft section)
      6. It is cost effective to get a small DIGITAL kitchen scale to weigh your packages, so that you can print your own postage at home, through PayPal, it is cheaper than paying for postage at the post office.
      7. In order to attach the postage to the package, you’ll either need packing tape or DigiOrange postage labels.
      8. Start a Facebook Business Page – this will allow your business to be “google-able” it is free and is a good way to let your friends and family know that you’ve embarked on a fun new business adventure
      9. Get DropBox (https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTMxODc0OTE0ODk?src=global9)– another free program, which will allow you to access your stock photos on any device, no matter where you are. It will also allow you to snag any fun pictures you see. Our team is a family, so usually if you see something that you like, you can “steal it”, it is polite to ask first, but I’ve never had anyone say no!
      10. Set up a FB Shopping group – Post images of your pieces in there for customers to shop from anytime.
      11. Order your business cards –https://paparazzi.zenfront.net/ is a good place to start.
      12. Call 855-697-2727 and ask to get put on the Fashion Fix waiting list – the Fashion Fix (FF) is a monthly subscription that includes five 4-piece sets that can be sold together (for $20) or piece by piece (for $5 each) along with a set of exclusive pieces that ONLY come in the Fashion Fix subscribers AND 4 hostess gifts (that is double what you’ll get when you order 25 pieces ordinarily). The box includes photos of the “Trend Blends” (the 4 piece sets) which are helpful for selling the sets at events. Also as a subscriber you get first access to order more of the pieces.   


Paparazzi comes with its own language, give it time and you’ll learn it, here are some of the most popular.

SS = Starlet Shimmer – our Children’s Line, they are sold in sets of 10 that cost us $5 and we sell them for $1 each.

PS = Personally Sponsored – You signed up under someone and you are their “Personally Sponsored” and as you grow your own team, the people who sign up directly under you are your PS’d.

PV = Personal Volume – each pretty you buy from the back office is worth 2 PVs (with the exception of our SS line) You’ll need to buy 25 pretties (50 PV) per calendar month each month you want to remain “searchable” on the website and to collect any commissions that are due to you. The requirement to be able to buy pieces is 200 PV (100 pieces) in a rolling calendar year….so if you signed up with the $299 or the $499 kit you are good for 1 year.

GV = Group volume – your downline team’s total PV

Upline and Downline – “Upline” is your sponsor and their sponsor and THEIR sponsor all the way up to the founders “Downline” is everyone you sponsor and everyone that they sponsor and everyone that THEY sponsor. 

BO = Back Office – where we buy our stock (a.k.a. corporate, hq, etc.) To get into your back office, go to the website and login using your consultant ID and your password which you received in your welcome email.

Important - to remain a consultant, you must maintain a volume of 200PV in a 12 month rolling period.  If your rolling 12 month PV goes below 200PV, your account is canceled and you must wait 12 months before you can sign back up with a Starter Kit.  It is not required, but highly recommended that you stay active each month with at least 50PV.  When you are active for the month, you are searchable on the Consultant Finder on the paparazziaccessories.com and eligible to receive any downline commission that you earned that month.

What team am I on? All of us are under the FABULOUS Krystal Kumpula – She is a Jetsetter and one of the top consultants in the company. If you have questions about where in Krystal’s line you are, ask your sponsor.

How do I “rank up” – the first promotion comes when you sign up 3 consultants who each order 50 PV in a calendar month – that brings you to a Director. The other ranks are based on your teams’ GV and it is something you’ll learn about as you grow with Paparazzi. 

Once your kit arrives, you’ll want to show everyone!  Go live on FB or take photos of your pieces and post them.  Open the box with some friends!   There will be pieces that are proven best sellers and other pretties!

Each consultant has a slightly different way of organizing their stock and photos. Ask on the team groups for ideas, people are happy to help!

If you are going to be doing vendor events, craft shows, any organized event other than facebook parties, you’ll want to figure out a set up – Our team groups are WONDERFUL resources for questions, ideas, etc for that. There are a bunch of creative people!

“Why is the tax rate almost double what it should be?” One of the BEST things corporate does for us is they take care of sales tax for us…..we pay it to Paparazzi when we buy items and they turn it over to our respective states…that means that the “sales tax” that WE are charged is on the RETAIL price ($5.00), it is up to you if you want to pass the tax onto your customers or not. If you do pass the tax onto your customers, you are just recouping the amount that you paid in advance. The ONLY taxes we worry about is income tax!

One thing you’ll want to get in the habit of doing the day you get an order is going through your box and compare it against the order sheet that is in the box, if anything is missing or damaged, you have 3 business days to contact HQ about it.

Tips When Ordering

-Always order in increments of 10 - we get 1 free piece from paparazzi for every 10 (20 PV)  we buy.

-Free shipping is offered if you order $100 or more before tax. The magic number to maximize your hostess rewards AND get free shipping is 40 pieces (80 PV)

-Remember Variety is KEY-you need to have something for all tastes!

-When first starting ordering MORE of different pieces is better than quantity of the SAME piece.

-Order things YOU personally don't like - someone will love them!

-Blockbusters should be added to every order as those are proven best sellers

-Order things you DON'T normally sell a lot of in order to grow your customer base you can't just cater to your existing customer base – it’s the same principle as dressing for the job you want to have, not the job you already have.

-When you don't have much to start with blacks and silvers should be the staples in your inventory-those are colors everyone wears and looks good in

-Always look for coordinating pieces while ordering-it will help you be able to upsell sets together

-How big your inventory should be depends on what kind of consultant you are, are you a part time consultant who only wants to do one party a week or so? Then 200-300 pieces is a good amount for you! Are you wanting to do 2-3 parties a week? 500-700 is a good amount for you! 4 or more? 1000+ is a good amount for you! There is no "set" amount -the more you have the more you’ll sell because you will have a bigger variety! :)

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