• Happy New Year!! BIG news!!

    Happy new year!
    I have some exciting news to share with you all! For the new year, I have decided to follow my heart and my passion of creating and crafting and making… Some of you might already know that I’ve been selling my own handmade items for many years, long before I was selling Paparazzi jewelry. I’ve decided to fully follow this passion and I will now be incorporating my handmade items in along with all of my Paparazzi and new boutique items.
    This means that I am no longer a Paparazzi consultant. This also means that my entire inventory of Paparazzi Accessories is now discounted. In order to start branching out with new and different boutique items, I need to make room in my sparkle shed!
    My website is still  All of my social media accounts are the same but have been updated to now reflect the change. If you are looking for discounted Paparazzi, I am your gal! Let me know what you’re looking for because I have amassed quite the collection in my 7 1/2 years as a consultant. I have thousands and thousands of pieces still in my sparkle shed. 
    I hope the new year finds you all well. I hope that you are able to follow your heart and your passions in 2022. 💖💖